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About Francis Morgan

Francis Morgan imagines, designs, creates and operates massive scale animated sculptures, giant puppets, incredible “living” environments and strange and wonderful inventions and contraptions for all manner of shows, pageants, events, installations and customers. From hand-held, intricately engineered bird puppets (Cahoots NI theatre company) to 120 metre long, 30 meter tall water-borne, fire breathing dragons (Derry 2013 Return of Colmcille), from waking sleeping giants (Waking the Giant festival, Warrenpoint 2016 and 2017), to writing and illustrating children’s’ books (Up Above Down Below), from packed stadium ceremonies (Special Olympics, Croke Parc, Dublin 2003 and Commonwealth Games, Manchester 2002) to mountain-side and woodlands puppet shows (Dragon Safari, Newry and Derry 2012), from stage sets to night-clubs, Francis Morgan exists in a world where the realms of imagination and reality merge.

Francis been described as a weird, reclusive character who dwells in a cave in the mountains without any contact with television, techno-gadgets or the rat-race and its contrivances.

Instead, he exists surrounded by a family of fantastical creatures, dragons and mermaids, robots and giants in a twilight world where thoughts become inventions and crazy ideas slip out into the real world, sometimes even reaching the streets.

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