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Two Suns in the Sunset



On Thursday 19th June 2003 a small group of around 400 people boarded various buses, vans and trucks around Northern Ireland and set off on a journey to Croke Park . Their mission was to stage a spectacular performance in front of a live audience of 100 thousand people as part of the Special Olympics 2003 World Games opening ceremony.

Two days later, at 9pm, on June 21st, summer solstice, that small group of people changed the world. Anyone who watched the show was moved. Those who were in the stadium will testify to an emotionally electrifying atmosphere that you could touch. And as for those who participated in the performance of "Solstice" on stage - well all of those people have been changed for life!

2003 has been a tough year for the people of planet earth. With television, mobile phones and the internet, everyone in the world is aware of what is going on. World warfare, starvation, suspicion and racial mistrust have taken global morale to an all time low. I admit that I found myself ashamed to be human.

But Mother Nature works in a very mysterious way. The Earth is a single organism and her antibodies are to be found in strange places. On Saturday night in Croke Park I watched with a lump in my throat as a wave of pure powerful human love, talent, joy and pride emanated around the world. Anyone who witnessed the glowing faces of our own Northern Irish performers was shaken into a new feeling, one that many people have forgotten.

I found myself proud to be a human being again. Anyone who watched has "shared the feeling".

Four hundred people from around Northern Ireland, organised by a small Belfast charity called "Open Arts" staged a six minute performance called "Solstice" on stage in Ireland's biggest ever event. To those people, a once in a lifetime team of truly amazing performers, carers and volunteers I extend my sincerest heartfelt thanks for the privilege of working together and for restoring the Earth's balance.

Frank Morgan

Artistic Director - Solstice

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